The Beginnings

Our club was originally formed as the Trailer Caravan Club in 1937 and then re-formed after the 2nd WW in 1964 its original aim (still maintained today) was to provide a members club that offers a warm welcome to owners of Caravans, Motorhomes, Trailer Tents and family tents without segregation into class or category.

Rapid Growth

In 1967/8 the Club was growing quickly and was reorganised into three regions, Midlands, Southern and Northern. By 1975 eight additional ‘Sections’ had been formed and the club carried on through the 80’s and 90’s expanding to over 20 ‘Sections’.

Carrying on the Tradition

In 2005 it was agreed to rename the club the Touring Caravan Club. Membership is open to anyone who owns any of the afore mentioned units with family membership available to the immediate family. There is also a provision for Associate Membership.